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European Youth Summit: 100 for the Next 100 in the Danube Region

June 4-8, 2014 | Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
ContACT (1) for General Inquiries: Milana Sredojević anD Julijana Lazić (2) for information on the application procedure: ivor sutalo download: EVALUATION CRITERIASUMMIT PROGRAM, ABOUT THE SUMMIT, APPLICATION FORM

Today, Europe is facing serious challenges in various spheres, from the economy and unemployment to growing nationalism and enlargement fatigue in many European countries, to name but a few. As the next generation, European youth should be involved when these questions are brought up. The European Youth Summit “100 for the Next 100 in the Danube Region” will bring together 100 young leaders with various educational and professional backgrounds from the Danube Region and South East Europe. Instead of looking at the past and what happened 100 years ago, they will discuss the different facets of the challenges Europe is facing today and will face in the future. What has to change in order to make Europe future proof over the next century? TOGETHER. FUTURE. EUROPE Why “100 for the Next 100” is unique We believe that young people are a driving force towards change. “Together for the future of Europe” is our main motto. This is why we will mark the year 2014, the year of anniversaries, with a project that will gather young people in Sarajevo to show that we are looking towards the future, rather than living in the past. This project is our statement for the future we wish to have – together. GOALS. RESULTS. IMPACT What we want to achieve Our goal is to establish a network of young (future) leaders and policy makers who will find creative solutions to the challenges affecting Europe today. The participants of the summit will improve their skills in a variety of fields (public relations, leadership and media-related skills, lobbying and networking) and find a space to put those skills in practice. Invited experts, local and European politicians, scientists and artists, will deliver speeches and act as trainers and interlocutors to the younger generation in a series of working sessions on European questions. After the summit, a group of outstanding intellectuals will be equipped to broaden the debates on challenges they are facing today and to foster their own potentials for building a better society. INSPIRATION From the “village of thinkers” to future decision makers The so-called ”Spirit of Alpbach” has inspired the members of the Forum Alpbach Network to get involved and have an impact on their societies for many years through local and regional projects. After so many years, it was but natural to join in a common project, organised by young people from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia and create something valuable for the region and for Europe. We realise that we are responsible for our future and we wish to inspire young people in our countries to broaden their horizons and to help us build better society. ORGANISERS Who we are & what we do We are the members of the Forum Alpbach Network from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro. With the support of the European Forum Alpbach and the Danube Competence Center, we want to make a lasting contribution to the future of our region. Please find out more about our work here. FOLLOW US Follow us on Facebook and Twitter APPLY UNTIL APRIL 20, 2014 Share your visions for the future and join the summit The project will welcome young, distinguished Europeans from the 14 Danube region countries and South East Europe with various educational and professional backgrounds. We are looking forward to applications of young political decision makers, scientists and graduate students, entrepreneurs and civil society representatives. Meal and accommodation costs will be covered for the period of the summit. Travel costs to Sarajevo are not covered. There is no participation fee to pay. People who are not citizens of the 14 countries of the Danube region but who live, work or study in one of these countries are eligible to apply. These countries are: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. Please apply by filling out our application form and sending it by April 20, 2014, to