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Among other events, the European Youth Summit offers 6 seminars led by international experts with the aim of capacity building. These seminars are:

by Djordje Maricic, Maverick Consulting, Serbia

Active listening leads to asking the right questions. This seminar will help participants identify the key points of a message based on information gathered through active listening, and thereby help to improve question articulation: participants will learn to formulate concise, on point, open and challenging questions, and will utilize skills gained through the workshop during their continued involvement in the afternoon panel discussions.

by Natasa Besirevic, European Education Forum, Croatia

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the participation of young people as citizens in the decision-making process by developing their argumentation and dialogue of tolerance. Participation in this highly interactive seminar will provide participants with the practical skills of campaigning in a multilateral framework of exercises, discussions and teamwork. The seminar will offer an overview of the different aspects of campaigning and their interrelation, explain the means of influence and impact, and provide an insight into different ways of developing campaigning strategies, positions and tactics. There will be an introduction to campaign management, the workshop will offer knowledge and skills in campaign planning, and will introduce tools and methods for the successful implementation of campaign strategies.

by Bernd Kleinheyer, Innovation Center, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

The objective of this seminar is to familiarize participants with the EU’s regulatory framework for lobbying and lobbying techniques. The lobbying landscape of Brussels will be assessed both critically and pragmatically, so that participants become aware of the opportunities and risks. Concepts, cases and examples will be analyzed from a variety of perspectives (business, NGO, public body amongst others).

By Anthony Karzen, European Education Forum, Croatia

Active participation in this workshop will build on the participants’ experience and interests in project proposal preparation and will provide understanding of the key Project cycle management principles and analytical tools through practical exercises and team tasks. During this seminar, participants will undergo stakeholder analysis, elaboration of problem and objective tree(s), elaboration of an Activity plan and of a Logical Framework Matrix.

by Bistra Kumbaroska and Antoaneta Ivanova, Mladiinfo International, Macedonia

From concepts and approaches in public funding, to tips and tricks in corporate fund raising, this workshop will take the participants on a journey from the initial intention to apply right the way through to writing a successful grant application. The participants will be able to work on practical examples, learn from best practices and try out short and intense fundraising techniques. The workshop will offer resourceful but a short-listed selection of appropriate funding opportunities, matching the needs of the group.

by Nikola Jovanović, Erste School of Banking and Finance, internal University of Erste Group, Serbia

At the Social Entrepreneurship workshop, participants will be able not only to learn about this concept that is slowly, but definitely, changing the whole business landscape of our little planet, but also to experience the idea-making process of creating a social enterprise. In addition, they will have an opportunity to discuss and analyze successful social entrepreneurship stories and find out why they are so successful and why others fail, as well as to discuss the current legal framework, how social entrepreneurs are treated by the system and what should be changed.