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Architecture Symposium


Economic conditions and technical innovations have reduced distances and made people more mobile and international. Ever more often, they will shift the centre of their lives within a generation, make their homes in different cities, and leave their mark on these cities by virtue of their interests and demands. Migration as an integral feature of the globalised economy has shaped the face of our cities. Internal migration and transnational migration, as well as the cultures introduced by migrants, are clearly perceptible in the cityscape, in recreational activities, in the goods offered for consumption, in business etc. Cities are inherently differentiated and becoming more multifaceted, more diverse, more colourful. Open cities make creative use of these potentials of diversity and difference, as well as the resulting tensions. They are reflected in their economic dynamism, in the cities relations with the world around them, in their urban design, their creative environments and their innovative strategies.

The participants of the Architecture Symposium are also welcome to the Opening of the European Forum Alpbach on August 16 starting from 5 p.m. and to the Tyrol Day (Topic: "Philosophy - History - Arts: Highlights of Research at the University of Innsbruck, Tyrol") on August 19.