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Arts and Culture


Artists create space and freedom for inspiration and critical reflection. During the European Forum Alpbach, their visions and poetic idylls invite new perspectives on the issues facing society. Installations and performances, as well as literature, visual art and music probe the complex interplay between liberty and security, rendering this interplay audible, visible and tangible.

ART NON STOP stands for the exhibitions and installations running for the duration of the European Forum Alpbach. Whether indoors or outdoors, they promise all Alpbach’s visitors some unusual encounters.

ART EVENTS are made up of the artistic opening to each Alpbach Symposium and the daily programme of events. Unexpected constellations of concerts, readings, interventions and specially-developed formats can lead you to expect some thematic and aesthetic surprises.

In the Tyrolean mountains, you can look forward to stimulating and creative approaches to exploring social and contemporary phenomena.

Details to Arts & Culture in Alpbach will follow by the end of April 2019.