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Built Environment Symposium


Who can build what, where, how, and with what funds? The way public space is designed and built is politics cast in concrete - it manifests a society's power distribution, culture, and values. At the same time, urban housing planning requires adequate measures of cooperation within society in order to be able to function at all. It is unsurprising, therefore, that tides of social change shape building culture.

What new rules does building culture need in order to balance out conflicts of interest in the future? How should the relationship between regulations and legal freedoms be negotiated? What influence do algorithms, big data, and artificial intelligence exert on urban planning?

At the Built Environment Symposium, a range of experts and decision-makers will trace and explain particularly controversial lines of conflict, and derive forward-looking conclusions. Expect vibrant discussion formats providing insight into the tensions and cooperative models that will shape the building culture of tomorrow.

Built Environment Symposium

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