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Financial Market Symposium

Finance at the Crossroads


Ever since the beginning of the financial, economic and debt crisis in 2008, the financial industry has been going through radical changes. Emergency nationalisations and government loans led states to inquire about the future role of financial actors and their regulation. Although the European Central Bank has played a considerable role in stabilising the Eurozone, the question of supranational European regulatory measures also remains unanswered. At the same time, the consequences of the crisis place a heavy burden on the financial industry. Banks and insurances struggle to reduce risks, find new investors and rethink their business models as their revenues no longer live up to the requirements of the new market environment. Europe, however, will always need strong partners in order to finance the real economy of the future. Together with the Alpbach audience, the Financial Market Symposium will examine the current changes in the financial industry from different perspectives.

Financial Market Symposium

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