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Financial Market Symposium


How can we strengthen the euro's and the euro zone's defence mechanisms against crises? Which role do indebted states play? How shall we go about financing the real economy in the future? The Alpbach Financial Market Symposium will focus on these questions which are crucial for the economy and society as a whole. The way in which we will answer them will be of great significance for our single currency, for the financing of our communities, and for the stability of our economic model.

Banks themselves will be another central topic. The emphasis will be placed on the future of the European banking environment, its potential consolidation, as well as on the effects the new sets of regulations, Basel III and CRD IV, will have on the banking business. In this connection, not only the regulations' impact on financial institutions, but also their consequences for the economy in itself will be of interest. The Alpbach Financial Market Symposium will make the most important financial topics of our days subject of a controversial debate, and will present the positions and solutions proposed by high-ranking representatives of the real economy, banks, central banks, regulatory authorities, and politics.