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Health Symposium


Mental disorders increasingly threaten our health. Depression, anxiety and addictions today belong to the most frequent causes of early death in developed countries. According to a WHO survey, depression will be the second most common cause worldwide of incapacity for work and early death by 2020. When does a negative feeling cease to be a mere mood, turning into an illness? What are the options for treatment? What, in our time, determines the perception and the handling of individual emotions? All these questions will be the key topics of the first part of the Health Symposium.

The second part will focus on Integrated Care and Personalised Medicine. Dedicated pioneers have developed both concepts to great detail, yet implementation often fails due to lacking networks and insufficient institutional clout. In order to make Integrated Care and Personalised Medicine reality, we need a common agenda among disciplines as well as institutions. This may well mean rethinking the entire healthcare system.

Health Symposium

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