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The hope of modern medications


The impressive progress of medical research is acknowledged everywhere: Children born now will live more healthy lives  and an average of 15 years longer  than people born in 1950. But what if R&D is in danger of coming to a standstill? In recent years, the US has clearly eclipsed Europe in terms of research and development for new medications. Bureaucratic approval barriers and government cost-cutting pressures in health care systems are making it increasingly difficult for patients to obtain modern medications. The European Commission has recognized this problem. A high-level forum which will be attended by prominent government representatives will work to find solutions so that patients will also have access to modern medications in the future.

Together with the European Forum Alpbach, the Association of R&D-Based Pharmaceuticals Companies (FOPI) once again invites interested parties to this year's winter event, in which we will discuss challenges in the health care system, the question of how policymakers and the business world can or must contribute, and what this means for the patients of tomorrow.