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Legal Symposium


The Enlightenment was supposed to mark the beginning of the rule of reason. We owe to it the release of science from the confines of dogmatic limitation, human rights, an allegedly rational criminal law, and much more. However, remnants of religious paternalism have remained, for instance in family law. Other areas, such as a right to unregulated discourse, seem to be in danger. What does the inheritance of the Enlightenment look like today? Are the results consistently positive? Or do we require a new Enlightenment?

Several focal points will be used to illuminate and discuss current challenges faced by today s rationally-orientated politics, as well as reasoned legal development and application.

Moreover, the programme track "International Law" opens the door to the Political Symposium. For the first time, participants of the Legal and Political Symposia are welcome to attend both programmes.

Legal Symposium

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