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Legal Symposium


Liberty and security are integral to our democracy. The democratic state is tasked with guaranteeing the security of its citizens without jeopardising their individual liberties. Where the right balance lies between liberty and security is something politicians have to decide on the basis of fundamental and human rights and then implement in law. Finding this balance and consistently reassessing it is a recurrent challenge for liberal democracies.
Under this year’s general theme ‘Liberty and Security’ we invite our participants to join us in searching for sustainable solutions to the difficult questions that currently shape the tensions between liberty and security: Who or what is behind the upsurge in illiberal political tendencies, for example, the sudden desire of the majority to get rid of minority rights? How can we explain the growing willingness to sacrifice ever more freedoms to a need for security? Have we given up striving for a balance between liberty and security? How might a new balance be found?