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Legal Symposium


Traditionally, law has served to guide society and the state. At the Alpbach Legal Symposium 2014, we will ask to which extent this function is changing. What impact do global developments have on the perception and effect of law? Does the rule of law end in an international context? Is legislation losing its control function due to the dominance of the economy? Is the legislative function of national law changing into a mere mediating function? To which extent can international law exercise power and control - in particular in international conflicts? And what are the challenges legislation and law enforcement are facing in connection with Big Data?

Experts from the fields of science, law and politics will discuss these and other questions at the Alpbach Legal Symposium 2014. Because of the high number of participants in the last two years, this year's Legal Symposium will be held in the large plenary room for the first time.

Time: August 20, 13:30 h to August 21, 11:30 h
Venue: Congress Centre Alpbach
Language: English and German (simultaneous translation)

Programme LAW (PDF)