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Legal Symposium


Is the attainment of Justice Law’s foremost duty, or is it also conceivable that Law serves to pursue concrete interests and address conflicts on a neutral level?

This year’s Legal Symposium will compare and examine parallel existing legal systems, and reflect on differing legal models and hypotheses currently discussed. This is particularly relevant today and is necessary to judge how conflicting the continental European legal system is with the Anglo-American legal system. Even from a neutral legal standpoint, the main question now is whether a ‘trade war’ is in the making. The state of coexistence between the continental European legal system and the Sharia legal system in Europe also calls for this discussion. Moreover, there is the national level, where nation-states have respective legislations through which they handle Law and achieve Justice (mediation, diversion, severe criminal jurisdiction...). A glimpse into multilateral trade agreements and their selected arbitration procedures is also timely.

Amid these varying legal playing fields, how can Law best be served? Does the core challenge indeed lie in the arbitral jurisdiction between companies and nation-states, or is there more to it?

Additionally, a new initiative for digital fundamental rights in a roundtable discussion setting shall be brainstormed and agreed upon.

Legal Symposium

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