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Lobbying and Networking in the EU


In the European Union, networking and lobbying are crucial for businesses and stakeholders when it comes to acquiring information and representing interests. The complexity of the European Union's decision-making processes, as well as its highly diverse national, geographical, cultural, social and economic structure, constitute a particular challenge for professional lobbyists, who work with politicians, members of the business community, and with the social partners.

How do professional lobbyists link information acquisition with political know-how? How do they gather and process information, and how do they pursue goals and interests? How do the European Parliament, Commission and Council assess the influence exerted by lobbyists, and how do they handle it?

This year we will pursue these questions in specific areas such as energy markets and explore the possibilities to lobby towards a healthier life style or a better future for the Young. Additionally we will view the "The Brussels Business" and open a discussion on this topical film with the director and important stakeholders.

Representatives of EU-institutions, interest-groups, as well as Brussels-based lobbyists will introduce concrete examples of lobbying situations and open discussions with the audience. The seminar is geared towards all those working in interest-groups, as well as to journalists and students, and will be conducted entirely in English.