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Health Symposium


Who has access to which health services, when and where? How can marginalised groups be ensured access to health services? New technologies and large amounts of medical and health-related data can expand and improve health care - but what are the rules of this new game? Changing climatic conditions lead to supposedly ‘exotic’ diseases increasingly emerging in Europe - how can we best prepare for these scenarios? What causes the shortage of skilled workers in various health professions and how can we counteract this?

During the Alpbach Health Symposium, we will also pose the fundamental question of how to deal with death: to what extent can we determine our own end of life? What are the nuances and ambiguities that need to be considered at the intersection of individual freedom, legal and family member’s rights and requirements? Although these questions are not new, they have often been subject to polarised debate. We want to treat these fundamental questions with scientific rigour and rational comprehensiveness.

The Alpbach Health Symposium connects individuals who are actively shaping Austrian and European health systems. Over 500 decision-makers from politics, academia, the economy and civil society will exchange their views on the future of healthcare.

More detailed programme information will be published at the end of April. If you have any questions regarding the Health Symposium, please contact

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