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Artists in Discourse


The Alpbach cultural year of 2018 will be marked by a new format 'Artist in Discourse'. For a whole day, a group of artists will delve into the general theme 'Diversity and Resilience'.

A society for which 'business as usual' no longer works needs to develop new ways of thinking and acting in order to master the various challenges it confronts. What can art contribute? Can they provide unexpected 'instruction manuals'? And can new room for interdisciplinary cooperation be the result?

The European Forum Alpbach invites a personality from the world of arts and culture to host 'Artist in Discourse'. Following the 'invite-to-invite' principle, she or he will invite other personalities with whom she or he has always wanted to engage. Be it during a hike, an intimate fireside talk or a panel session on a larger scale: new fields of discourse will emerge as the audience both listens and participates. Topics and issues from all Alpbach symposia and events may be taken up and discussed.