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Political and Legal Symposia


Many of the societal foundations long believed to be a given are being questioned. Principles of democracy and the rule of law, which until now seemed secure, are increasingly under attack. Uncertainty, chaos and fear create the breeding grounds for populism and 'fake news' instead of evidence-based politics.

Apart from scrutinising simplistic nationalistic solutions to complex global problems, it is necessary to collectively take responsibility, to put supposed common knowledge to the test and to extract those principles that are indispensable for our future. Will dialogue and scientific analysis be able to generate enough trust?

Together, the Political and Legal Symposia welcome participants, primarily from academia, the public sector, media, the private sector, NGOs and legal professions, as well as more than 650 young talents from all over the world. The symposia strive to build bridges and enable rational discussion on often controversial topics. Given the significant overlap in and intersection of their contents, the Political (29.8.-1.9.2020) and Legal Symposia (30.8.-1.9.2020) are presented as a joint programme.

More detailed programme information will be published at the end of April. If you have any questions regarding the Political and Legal Symposium, please contact