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Reform Symposium


The tax system is a well-established instrument for shaping societies in a sustainable way. However, against the backdrop of an increasingly globalised economy, the nation state has less and less room for manoeuvre. As one consequence money is shifted to tax havens. This year s Alpbach Reform Symposium offers a platform for discussing modern and innovative tax models and their impact on the economy, the society, and the environment. Politicians and members of the scientific community will address the question how ecological, social, and economic tax issues can be reconciled. Is it possible to increase taxes on energy consumption and to foster economic growth at the same time? Is a flat tax socially equitable? How heavy should the tax burden be? What is the role to be played by the state, and where do citizens

have to assume individual responsibility? In which areas is harmonisation at the European level needed? Which EU-taxes would make sense?

Reform Symposium

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