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Reform Symposium


The 2009 Reform Symposium will focus on questions about democratic structures which have far-reaching economic consequences. In light of rapid changes, both on the domestic and the global level, the discussion will highlight future trends in democratic decision-making. How can sustainable reforms and participation in political models succeed in federal systems? What are the relative impacts of consociationalism, civil society, the media and lobbies? What room for manoeuvre do nation-states have, and what are the possibilities in shaping European politics?

In this context, the symposium will also seek answers to global questions. What is Europe s contribution to a global financial and economic architecture for the future? How can we combat climate change and ensure a sustainable environment? What is our response to global security challenges? Europe's strategic answers to globalisation are strongly linked to European identity and European consciousness. These and more questions will be discussed with Europe s political culture and weight in mind.

Reform Symposium

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