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Reform Symposium


The Alpbach Reform Symposium 2010 asks: What could the future for work look like in a demographically sustainable and eco-social market economy? The focus will lie on the question of where growth, added value and new types of work can emerge: Which developments are desirable in our rapidly changing growth economy? Taking this as a basis, issues concerning the future of work as well as social security will be discussed with a special regard to the decline of full-time employment, changing employment models and voluntary work.

We will also explore the effects of migration and integration on the working world. What is the importance of migration as an economic factor and how can integration succeed? In addition, work in an ageing society will be addressed: Who should engage in which activities, and up to what age? And how can we make our social systems financially sustainable? Finally, we ask how policy-makers and businesses can create the necessary conditions.

Reform Symposium

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