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Reform Symposium/Perspectives


In discussing our responsibility for the future, justice has to be a leitmotif. With this in mind, the Alpbach Reform Symposium/Perspectives 2011 will focus on the efforts to consolidate the European economy. We will pose the question of which structural reforms have been successful in the EU and individual member states, and what are the goals for 2020.

One of the important issues to be discussed is the ability of democratic systems to reach decisions. How can we pass necessary but potentially unpopular measures? Furthermore, the plenum will look at ways of rendering social security systems sustainable in the long run. How can we increase efficiency and effectiveness? And what can we do to secure intergenerational justice?

Finally, we will ask which investments can generate sustainable growth in the future. Are necessary steps in the areas of energy, climate and technological progress being neglected in favour of cut-backs? And what does this mean for Austria and Europe?

Reform Symposium/Perspectives

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