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Seminar Week


The 63rd European Forum Alpbach is guided by the general theme of Emergence and takes place from August 16 to September 1, 2007. In this framework, the events will deal not only with innovation but also with spontaneous developments coming into being without the deliberate assistance of man. Alpbach is a place of interdisciplinary dialogue and unites experts from various sciences, politicians and business representatives. Interdisciplinary debates with all participants will help overcome disciplinarian and ideological barriers.

The general theme "Emergence" will be guidance for 11 seminars on topics from various scientific disciplines. The Seminars presentations and debates will be either in German or English; there will be no interpreter-assistance.

The Alpbach Seminars are designed by the Advisory Board of the European Forum Alpbach under the chairmanship of Peter Christian Aichelburg, University of Vienna. The first week of the European Forum Alpbach offers the possibility for intense discussion related to the general topic. Scientists from different fields come to Alpbach for presentations and discussions.

Seminar Week

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