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Tyrol Day


Questions of integration have dogged the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino for a long time. Immigration from various countries means change - for everyone concerned. People with different languages, religions, ways of life, cultures and identities living together harbours risks but also creates opportunities. The Tyrol Day aims to identify these opportunities and risks and to clarify which structures and institutions we need to ensure the success of integration. This concerns the very foundations of our society: tolerance, human rights and prosperity for all. In particular, the role of education in integration processes should be illuminated.

Before the Tyrol Day, 30 experts from academia, the economy and civil society from the European Region are developing a catalogue of promising measures on the topic of integration, which will be discussed with the governors of the three regions. Furthermore, young researchers from the European Region will present their ideas in a competition; the best work will be awarded the Euregio Young Researchers Prize.

Tyrol Day

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