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European Forum Alpbach

Scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach 2013 are available for students and recent graduates up to 30 years of age. We welcome applications from all countries and academic disciplines. Our main objective is to ensure the participation of many young people in the entire event. The combination of academic seminars followed by symposiums and short courses on specific topics reflects the special character of the European Forum Alpbach.
Please take into account that there are different scholarship programmes for the Alpbach Summer Schools on European Integration 2013 and on European Health and Social Systems, and that you can apply only either for the European Forum Alpbach or for one of the Summer Schools.
Deadline for scholarship application: May 2, 2013 (postmark)

Scholarship Value
A scholarship includes the participation fee for all events of the European Forum Alpbach 2013 (August 12 to 31, 2013) worth 550.00 EUR.
Should you not have sufficient funds to cover the costs of your stay in Alpbach, there is the possibility to apply for an additional amount for accommodation and board. Please fill out the Financial Statement Form and include it in your application if you wish to be considered for this extra sum. If you have any proof of financial support for your studies, you do not need to explain your financial situation in writing but only include the corresponding forms (e.g. the confirmation that you are receiving the Austrian “Studienbeihilfe” or any other study grants). Travel costs cannot be refunded.

Students and young graduates who have been scholarship holders in the past may apply for a return scholarship. The scholarship comprises 90% of the participation fee; 10% of the fee as well as the costs for board and lodging have to be covered by the scholarship holder. If you apply for a return scholarship, you need to hand in the application form and a letter of motivation only.

Application Requirements
Please make sure that the application submitted is complete and that you send all documents by regular mail.
Applications via e-mail cannot be accepted.

-Motivation statement-

The essential features to be included in the motivation statement (one-page text) are:
a) A comment on your personal thoughts and ideas about the topics of the current programme.
b (1) An exploration of your views and ideas concerning the European integration process, and of the fundamental ideas of the European Forum Alpbach;
b (2) All applicants composing a contribution to the project “Europe 2057” or the “Science Slam” at the Built Environment Symposium will be allowed to limit the letter of motivation to the personal part (a), if the project contribution is attached to the application.

-Curriculum Vitae-

In addition to listing your academic education, the curriculum vitae should give evidence of your practical experience and extra-curricular activities.

-Certificates and Transcripts-

Copies of relevant school and university certificates, as well as a transcript covering all credits obtained during the last academic year, in order to prove your academic progress. If your transcripts/certificates are made out in a language other than German or English, you need to submit a translation. This translation need not be certified.

-German or English Proficiency-
(non-native speakers only)

Please enclose proof of your proficiency in German or English (minimum: European level B2 or IELTS 6.5). Any conclusive proof will be admitted. If your certificates are made out in a language other than German or English, you need to submit a translation. This translation need not be certified.

Selection Procedure
All applications will be assessed through careful consideration of the documents submitted. The candidates will be selected by a committee chaired by Prof. em. Erich Gornik, former Vice-President of the European Forum Alpbach.
The following criteria will be taken into account: content of the motivation statement, academic achievements, professional experience, extra-curricular activities, and overall appearance and orderliness of the application. 100 points can be achieved. For every failed application in the past 5 points will be added, for every successful application 10 points will be subtracted.

Selection Results
The scholarship holders will be informed via e-mail in the middle of June at the latest. Please make sure to mention an e-mail address in the application form that is valid from March to August. The European Forum Alpbach disposes of an adequate allocation of student accommodation and will handle your room booking if you are granted a scholarship. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to reserve accommodation prior to the announcement of the selection results.


Scholarship call and application form for the symposia of the European Forum Alpbach
[download here]