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In 2015, the European Forum Alpbach takes on the question of InEquality. Public discourse goes back and forth between the two positions: the negative outlook describes inequality as a deficiency hampering opportunities and reducing resources, whereas the positive interpretation considers it a driver for change and diversity.

Why InEquality?
InEquality is felt by everybody – either as an advantage or a disadvantage. It exhibits itself on your payslip, in the waiting time at the hospital or most mercilessly at Europe’s border fences. When many have to suffer for the benefit of the few, then solidarity and societal consensus begin to crumble. Cracks begin to appear. They weaken growth and welfare, they destabilise the economy and democracy. At present, this can already be seen in the form of protests on the streets of Europe. Who profits and who ends up with fewer opportunities? Which instruments can help lessen social inequality? Does “InEquality” harm the economy, or is it one of the economy’s main drivers? How much inequality does Europe need today?

“InEquality” is highly controversial – that’s why hundreds of participants from different backgrounds will gather in Alpbach next summer to explore and discuss the many facets of “InEquality”. Exploring the causes, understanding the repercussions and future developments in respect to “InEquality” will take centre stage. Pioneers combatting social inequality will play a particularly significant role. Artists will be more involved than ever in the programme. You can look forward to artistic exhibitions at the beginning of every symposium.

We invite you to come to Alpbach or follow us online and get involved!


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19.08.-25.08.2015Seminar WeekSEM
22.08.-23.08.2015Tyrol DayTYR
23.08.-25.08.2015Health SymposiumMED
26.08.-27.08.2015Higher Education SymposiumEDU
26.08.-27.08.2015Legal SymposiumLAW
27.08.-29.08.2015Technology SymposiumTEC
30.08.-01.09.2015Political SymposiumPOL
01.09.-03.09.2015Economic SymposiumECN
03.09.-04.09.2015Built Environment SymposiumBLT
03.09.-04.09.2015Financial Market SymposiumFIN
19.08.-04.09.2015Cultural ProgrammeART
19.08.-04.09.2015Alpbach extraACT
20.08.-05.09.2015Interreligious ContemplationREL
27.08.-30.08.2015Simulation Game on Decision Making in the EUSIM
29.08.-30.08.2015Alpbach Politics LabsLAB

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