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Forum 2019 | Pictures

As a famous proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words. Welcome to “Picture of the Day”, our gallery filled with some visual highlights of the European Forum Alpbach 2019. Click through the album and experience the spirit of Alpbach.

Find more photos on the Forum’s Flickr account.

Day 16: Florian Scheuba opens the Financial Markets Symposium with a political satire. © Bogdan Baraghin

Day 15: Scholarship holders present their visions and ideas at the FRANS festival © Andrei Pungovschi

Day 14: The performance “DeSacre!” in der Alpbach church. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 13: The band “Die Wandervögel” performs at the EFA-Loggia. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 12: The Law Symposium opens with a performance by the artist Robert Prosser from Tyrol. © Matteo Veggeti

Day 11: The Political Symposium opens. © Andrei Pungovschi

Day 10: The participants of the 24h-reading deliver important speeches of our history. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 9: The Technology Symposium opens . © Matteo Vegetti

Day 8: “No fear!” Ruth Beckermann meets the performance artist Mollena Lee William-Haas. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 7: At the end of the Seminar Week, scholarship holders present the results. ©Bogdan Baraghin

Day 6: Scholarship holders in the seminar “All the World’s a Stage” by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 5: The philosopher Josef Mitterer reads the opening speech by Ágnes Heller, which she wrote before her sudden death in July. © Andrei Pungovschi

Day 4: Artists build mounds of rice representing the political and social realities in the world for the performance installation “Of All The People In All The World”. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 3: The “Fridays For Future” movement takes to the streets of Alpbach to call for immediate climate action. © Bogdan Baraghin

Day 2 : Scholarship holders of the seminar “Participatory Leadership” studying practices of dialogue and co-creation. © Matteo Vegetti

Day 1: The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art opening this year’s seminar week on August 14th. © Iryna Yeroshko