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Alpbach in Motion

3-Day Summit of Emerging Leaders

Rethinking Europe’s Economy

You can’t make the economy of tomorrow work with the tools of the past. That’s why the European Forum Alpbach has launched a summit for the next generation business leaders to get together in a solution-focused dialogue around much-needed changes for the European economic system.

Connecting the next generation of decision-maker

Alpbach in Motion connects committed people from various business backgrounds – from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, social enterprises and the creative industries- to impart knowledge of structural problems and to spark new ideas. As an incubator for new leadership, Alpbach in Motion aims to encourage its young leaders to bring change and new ways of acting into their industries and networks.


Embedded in the European Forum Alpbach

A combination of thematic input from internationally renowned speakers with managerial excellence is mixed with an innovative collaborative reflection concept. Alpbach in Motion dares to as “the big questions “.  The group members bring new insights back into their fields of work and get exclusive offers for expert meetings throughout the year.

The group is led by a mentor who guides through 35 varied and unanticipated hours, supported by facilitators for group-work sessions . The working process can be enriched with inputs from experts offering personal and professional insights. Tomáš Sedlácek, Jeffrey Sachs, Charles Handy and Bernie Roth among others, have stimulated the minds of Alpbach in Motion so far.

The meaningful exchange between the experts and the group is a key ingredient for inspiration. Our high-level professionals dare listeners to enter discussions and/or rethink their current views.

The intellectually challenging work of the group is interspersed by pleasant hikes through the beautiful landscape of the Alps. The walks help to decelerate and invite participants to strengthen connections between each other. They also serve for spontaneous breakouts into group-work sessions along the trail.

Our mentor 2018 – Julia Hobsbawm

(c) Andres Reynaga

Julia Hobsbawm is Honorary Visiting Professor at London’s Cass Business School and at England’s University of Suffolk.

Julia Hobsbawm has defined Social Health as the antidote to the Age of Overload for businesses, government and individuals. Her ideas are being featured by, amongst others, the World Economic Forum, and The OECD. She executive produces and co presents the podcast series Human and the Machine. She has written and presented two series for BBC Radio 4 and regularly appears on television and radio networks and podcasts. Julia regularly consults, writes, teaches, and gives speeches and workshops on Social Health including its core components: How to manage Knowledge, Networks and Time.

Find out more about Julia Hobsbwam.


For more information on Alpbach in Motion contact Charlotte Steenbergen ( (+43 1 718 17 11 15)

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Insights from past editions:


Alpbach in Motion – Application Process

The NEXT CAll for applications starts in February 2019.


Each year, the European Forum Alpbach invites its partner network of trusted businesses and organisations to nominate one or more candidates to apply for Alpbach in Motion. Additionally we ask members of the Alpbach in Motion network (all former participants of the programme) to recommend potential participants and reach out to the Forum Alpbach Nework. We are generally open to all applicants who meet the criteria below.

The benefits for participants

  • work intensely on macro-economic topics
  • meet experts on an eye-to-eye level
  • network with engaged decision makers with international backgrounds and expertise from all scales of businesses (NPO, corporate, arts and entrepreneurs)
  • interact with highly interesting people who are doers and get insights on other tactics and business approaches – experience controversy and mutuality
  • be surprised by meaningful conversations and the potential of the peers
  • get involved and start to shape and create change
  • be inspired by the exceptional landscape
  • benefit from free access to the Alpbach Economic Symposium

Who are we looking for?

  • participants between the age of 30 and 40 years
  • participants with potential for development and interested in interdisciplinary exchange and in challenges for Europe
  • participants with several years of experience in the working field in mid and upper management level or who are self employed
  • fluency in English is a must

What are the costs?

  • there is a programme fee of € 1,900 incl. VAT
  • the acceptance to the programme includes free access to the Alpbach Economic Symposium, catering and the room booking service
  • we do not cover accommodation or travel expenses

Barter deals:
We offer a limited number of barter deals for young leaders from cultural institutions or social service providers (NPOs) and start-ups to join the programme for free. Let us know in your cover letter why you qualify for a free participation and what you could offer in return (e.g. offer a workshop to staff members, help with a software, share knowledge…)

What documents do we need for the application process?

  • cover letter, English, max 1 page
  • CV, English or German, max 2 pages
  • letter of recommendation by employer/recommender/former Aim participant, English or German, max 1 page
Cover letter:
In your cover letter, specify why you think you qualify for the programme, what you bring to a group and your take on general challenges of our time. Please include what you expect to gain from your participation. Founders, self-employed, or executive level candidates should indicate their level of experience in the cover letter.


  • all three documents must be sent in one PDF to by mid March 2019
  • only the combination of the three documents qualifies for the selection process
  • applicants are chosen by a selection committee of former Alpbach in Motion participants
  • all applicants are notified by April 2019

If you want to be on the mailing list for the next call for applications in February 2019 contact