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Innovation Lab “Re:think Austria”

“Re:think Austria” is a community of young political leaders and decision-makers from every sphere of society. As an incubator of political innovations, we aim to improve Austria’s democracy. We link together dedicated people who, as a result, found independent initiatives and implement projects.

“Re:think Austria” acts as a unique, political project for reinvention, development and growth in Austria. With its annual innovationlab, “Re:think Austria” encourages political dialogue on reform in Austria.

Improving democracy

Instead of discussing issues of politcal reform individually, the “Re:think Austria” community focuses on underlying questions of structure and political systems. Patterns from party’s political line and current affairs fade into the background. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2017”; Photographer: Peter Mayr).

Die TeilnehmerInnen setzen sich aus politischen Führungskräften sowie VerantwortungsträgerInnen aus politischen Bewegungen, Unternehmen, Verwaltung, Wissenschaft, Kultur sowie der Zivilgesellschaft zusammen (Foto: Innovationslabor "Re:think Austria 2014", Fotografin: Luiza Puiu).Profiting from various experiences

The participants are political leaders as well as decision-makers from political movements, companies, administration, science, culture and civil society. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2015”; Photographer: Luiza Puiu).

Die TeilnehmerInnen von "Re:think Austria" bilden eine bestens vernetzte Community. Mehrmals pro Jahr finden Labs statt, um die Initiativen und Projekte voranzutreiben (Foto: Innovationslabor "Re:think Austria 2014", Fotografin: Luiza Puiu). Get the ball rolling

The participants of “Re:think Austria2 create an optimally linked community which is continually growing. Several times a year, these labs will take place in order for these initiatives and projects to be promoted. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2014”; Photographer: Luiza Puiu).

“Re:think Austria” is organised and continuously developed in cooperation with Kovar & Partners and freims.

Kovar & Partners performs their “Arena Analyse” – questioning experts with the Delphi-method – on a yearly basis in order to determine key questions within our society. freims is an innovative consulting firm who chairs the “Re:think Austria” sessions.

All participants and project partners share common goals:

  • developing a constructive basis for dialogue between political groups
  • exchanging knowledge in regard to selected structural problem-sets
  • having room for reflection about long-term socio-political challenges
  • goal-oriented “incubation” for socio-political innovations and reform projects
  • building communities of political entrepreneurs and sustainable social networks with progressive forces
  • strenghthening appreciation of political work

Participation in “Re:think Austria” is possible upon invitation by the European Forum Alpbach.

The next edition will take place in Linz at the beginning of June 2017 and will tackle the topic of “The future of democracy & participation”. You will find a detailed report after the event here.

Download “Re:think Austria” as PDF