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Innovation Lab “Re:think Austria”

“Re:think Austria” is a community of young political leaders and decision-makers from every sphere of society. As an incubator of political innovations, we aim to improve Austria’s democracy. We link together dedicated people who, as a result, found independent initiatives and implement projects.

“Re:think Austria” acts as a unique, political project for reinvention, development and growth in Austria. With its annual innovationlab, “Re:think Austria” encourages political dialogue on reform in Austria.

Die "Re:think Austria" Community rückt strukturelle und systemisch-politische Fragestellungen in den Mittelpunkt, anstatt einzelne politische Reformthemen zu diskutieren. Partei- und tagespolitischen Schablonen verlieren an Bedeutung (Foto: Innovationslabor "Re:think Austria 2014", Fotografin: Luiza Puiu). Improving democracy

Instead of discussing issues of politcal reform individually, the “Re:think Austria” community focuses on underlying questions of structure and political systems. Patterns from party’s political line and current affairs fade into the background. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2014”; Photographer: Luiza Puiu).

Die TeilnehmerInnen setzen sich aus politischen Führungskräften sowie VerantwortungsträgerInnen aus politischen Bewegungen, Unternehmen, Verwaltung, Wissenschaft, Kultur sowie der Zivilgesellschaft zusammen (Foto: Innovationslabor "Re:think Austria 2014", Fotografin: Luiza Puiu). Profiting from various experiences

The participants are political leaders as well as decision-makers from political movements, companies, administration, science, culture and civil society. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2015”; Photographer: Luiza Puiu).

Die TeilnehmerInnen von "Re:think Austria" bilden eine bestens vernetzte Community. Mehrmals pro Jahr finden Labs statt, um die Initiativen und Projekte voranzutreiben (Foto: Innovationslabor "Re:think Austria 2014", Fotografin: Luiza Puiu).   Get the ball rolling

The participants of “Re:think Austria2 create an optimally linked community which is continually growing. Several times a year, these labs will take place in order for these initiatives and projects to be promoted. (Photo: Innovationlab “Re:think Austria 2014”; Photographer: Luiza Puiu).

“Re:think Austria” is organised and continuously developed in cooperation with Kovar & Partners and freims.

Kovar & Partners performs their “Arena Analyse” – questioning experts with the Delphi-method – on a yearly basis in order to determine key questions within our society. freims is an innovative consulting firm who chairs the “Re:think Austria” sessions.

All participants and project partners share common goals:

  • developing a constructive basis for dialogue between political groups
  • exchanging knowledge in regard to selected structural problem-sets
  • having room for reflection about long-term socio-political challenges
  • goal-oriented “incubation” for socio-political innovations and reform projects
  • building communities of political entrepreneurs and sustainable social networks with progressive forces
  • strenghthening appreciation of political work

Participation in “Re:think Austria” is possible upon invitation by the European Forum Alpbach.

Download “Re:think Austria” as PDF