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European Forum Alpbach 2017: Programme, Speakers, Updates

From August 16 to September 1, 2017, hundreds of people from the worlds of science, politics, business, culture and civil society will gather at the European Forum Alpbach to debate “Conflict & Cooperation” and the zone of tension between these two poles.
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European Forum Alpbach awards 700 scholarships
The European Forum Alpbach invites ambitious people from all over the world to apply for a scholarship by March 31, 2017. The offer is aimed at people under the age of 30 who would like to pack their bags with fresh ideas for research and society and head to Alpbach.

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Underlying Mood of the Symposia: Pro Europe
Over 5,000 participants from 102 nations laid down the tracks for a new Enlightenment in Alpbach. The general topic for 2017 is “Conflict & Cooperation” and will draw on the insights gained at this year’s Symposia.

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European Forum Alpbach 2016: Preview on the programme & speakers

From 17 August to 2 September, 5,000 people from academia, politics, economics and culture, including 700 young scholarship holders, will enter uncharted waters at the European Forum Alpbach. Under the general heading of “New Enlightenment”, national and international speakers will open up constructive approaches for the 21st century.

PRESS RELEASE – FULL STORY AS PDF (Programme & Speakers 2016) | Programme Downloads as PDF | Selection of International Speakers