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Video: Social Media and society

In our video Matthias Karmasin talks about the changing role of legacy media.

Facts not fiction, reason not outrage, distinguishing between the opinion and the person: Matthias Karmasin sees these principles of scholarship under threat in the information age. The professor of media believes universities will be challenged with new tasks. Research findings and evidence-based results will have to keep the upper hand over empty assertions and dogmas, says Karmasin, Director of the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies in Vienna.

“I think universities have to cooperate with many stakeholders and to be open for society but referring to Alpbach’s general topic I want to point out that cooperation without conflict is not possible”, Karmasin says. Universities cannot allow “just any opinion to be considered valid.” By this he means that there are political and other forces in society that consciously try to discredit researchers and their findings. “Universities therefore have to stand their ground. Academics probably need to be prepared for a little more conflict.”