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Dr. Alexander GSTREIN Senior Training Officer for Didactics and Methods, Theresan Military Academy, Austrian Armed Forces, Wiener Neustadt


 After Studies at the Theresan Military Academy he took the responsibilities of leading a high-alpine infantry company from 2003 to 2009 (Tamsweg). In these years he also proofed his leadership skills in various missions on the Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina 2004-2005/2008-2009, Kosovo 2006). Therefore Major Gstrein was asked to pass on his experiences to other soldiers in predeployment trainings and courses of the Austrian International Centre (AUTINT/Götzendorf). Meanwhile he took courses in becoming a leadership skills trainer and teamtrainer, as well as a personal mental coach (Master Practitioner for NLP & NLPt/2012). In 2013 and from 2016 to 2017 he went on missions and finally took the lead over the liaison system of the EU lead mission ALTHEA in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Based on this he became the personal assistant for COM EUFOR, the military head of mission (MG Anton Waldner). Major Gstrein also studied political science at the Universities of Innsbruck and Vienna and in 2017 graduated PhD.After changing to his current position on the Theresan Military Academy he returned to the University of Vienna for a postgraduate Master program in Personal-, Team- and Organizational Development mainly based on action oriented outdoor methods.