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Dr.-Ing. Alois K. SCHLARB Professor and Head, Chair of Composite Engineering, University of Kaiserslautern


1984-1989 Research Assistant, Institut fuer Werkstofftechnik, University of Kassel, Germany
1988-1989 Chief Engineer, Institut fuer Werkstofftechnik (Polymer Materials), University of Kassel, Germany
1989-1995 Materials Scientist and Project Manager, Polymer Research Lab, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany
1995-1997 Head of Development, Sulo Streuber & Lohmann GmbH & Co KG, Herford, Germany
1998-2000 Head of Research and Development, Medical Division, B. Braun Medical AG, Switzerland
2001-2002 Vice President and Head of Marketing, Research and Development, Hospital Care Division, B. Braun Medical AG, Switzerland
2002-2008 Executive Director/Research Director of Institut fuer Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH, Kaiserslautern, Germany
since 2002 Full Professor (C4) Composite Engineering  University of Kaiserslautern
since 2009 Senior Scientist at INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Saarbrucken


Lin, L.Y.; Schlarb, A. K.: Vibration welding of polypropylene-based nanocomposites The crucial stage for the weld quality. Composites Part B: Engineering 68 (2015)
Pei, X.-Q.; Bennewitz, R.; Schlarb, A.K.: Mechanisms of Friction and Wear Reduction by Carbon Fiber Reinforcement of PEEK, Tribol Lett (2015). DOI: 10.1007/s11249-015-0520-7
Schlarb, A. K.; Suwitaningsih, D. N.; Kopnarski, N.; Niedner-Schatteburg, G.: Supermolecular Morphology of Polypropylene Filled with Nanosized Silica. J. APPL. POLYM. SCI. 131 (2014), 1, DOI: 10.1002/APP.39655.
Josch, L.; Götz V.; Römer C.; Konchakova, N.; Emrich, S.; Wagner, C., Müller ,R.; Kopnarski, M.; Schlarb A.K.: Influence of the Shaping on Tribological Properties of PEEK-Coated U-Shaped Metal-Profiles. Advanced Engineering Materials 2013