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Amara NWANKPA Director, Public Policy Initiative, Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Foundation, Abuja


 Amara is civic technologies expert and a public policy analyst. He is the Director of the Yar’Adua Foundation’s Public Policy Initiative, established to encourage the formulation and implementation of sustainable public policies focused on climate advocacy, credible elections, governance and accountability in Africa. Amara has been actively involved in civil advocacy and youth mobilisation since 2009 - influencing public policy and governance processes, particularly with regard to energy access and climate action. As part of his work for the Foundation, he leads projects that have influenced public policy on fuel subsidies and placed climate change at the centre of public discourse. The Foundation’s award-winning documentaries," Nowhere to Run" and "Swallow", have been screened internationally and driven conversations and actions on the intersectionality of climate change and security threats. Amara has expertise in designing and deploying digital technology for good governance and national development. He has contributed to the development and implementation of platform; a shared services platform for the Nigerian government. was awarded the 2013 United Nations Public Service Award for 1st Place in Africa in promoting whole-of-government approaches in the Information Age.