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MSc Econ. Andre WILKENS Director, Mercator Centre Berlin, Berlin; Director Strategy, Stiftung Mercator, Essen


2003-2009 Head, Open Society Institute (OSI), Soros Foundation, Brussels
2009 Head, Strategic Communications with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva
2009-2011 Director, Centre for International Affairs, Stiftung Mercator, Essen
since 2011 Director, Mercator Centre Berlin; Director Strategy, Stiftung Mercator, Berlin


European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR)


Europe’s great debate, Project Syndicate, 2012
Europa braucht nur den 1 Punkt Plan, Financial Times Deutschland, 2012
Europe’s failure and how to avoid it, Open Democracy, 2011
Europäer, bewegt Euch, Die Zeit, 2011