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Dr. Andreas SALCHER Author, Business Consultant and Education Activist, Vienna


 Dr. Andreas Salcher is a business consultant, best-selling author and critical pioneer on educational issues. In 1987 his political career began as the then youngest member of the Vienna City Council and State Parliament on which he served altogether 12 years.
 He is co-founder of the "Sir Karl Popper School" for highly gifted children. In 2004 he launched the "Waldzell Meetings" at Melk Abbey, whose list of speakers included seven Nobel laureates and the Dalai Lama. Since 2008 Andreas Salcher has been advocating the improvement of schools with his "CURRICULUM PROJECT".
 His first book THE TALENTED KID AND HIS ENEMIES was published in March 2008 and became an immediate #1 bestseller.


The Talented Kid and his Enemies, The Wounded Man, My Last Hour, Dread not to Know Thyself


In the year 2009 Andreas Salcher was presented with two awards: The Austrian "Writer of the Year" and "Communicator of the Year".