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Andrej STEPITA Student, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Salzburg


 Born in Slovakia, Andrej achieved master’s degree in Dance Didactics at Academy of performing arts, Bratislava. Currently he is studying at SEAD, where he is now joining the last year of a 4-year program. He is a member of the dance collective "MimoOs". He performs as a performer and co-creator in the several performances, such as "Moving Mountains","Another song in silence", "unLEAN" (Poláková, Procházka), "Sensory understanding" (Poláková, Korec, Savel, Procházka), "Night Illusion" (Lachky). He is the author of the project "Passing" - a series of dance happenings taking place in the train stations. He is a graduate of various dance workshops, including the 2nd China-CEEC Summer Dance Camp. In the past, he has performed in musicals, commercial and television dance projects. Andrej is also active in pedagogical activities. He had been teaching in several dance centers in Bratislava. He is a director of a Dance festival "Tanečno" in his home region, Orava, Slovakia, founded in 2017.