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Professor Anne POWER Professor of Social Policy and Head, LSE Housing and Communities, London School of Economics and Political Science, London


1970-1979 Community Organiser, Inner London, UK
1983-1993 National Government Advisor, Priority Estates, UK
1998-2008 Deputy Director, CASE, LSE, London
 Since 1996 Professor of Social Policy and Head of LSE Housing and Communities, LSE, London
 Since 1997 Government advisor on sustainable development, low income communities, inner cities, race relations etc.
 Since 2006 Senior Fellow of Brookings Institution, Washington DC, US


Member of government Urban Task Force, 1998-2000
Commisioner, Government Sustainable Development Commission, 2000-2009
Advisory member, Green Deal senior board, 2008-2010
Early Action Task Force, since 2011


Power, A., Willmot, H. & Davidson, R. (2011) Family Futures: Childhood and poverty in urban neighbourhoods. Bristol: Policy Press
Power, A., Ploger, J. & Winkler, A. (2010) Phoenix Cities: the fall and rise of great industrial cities. Bristol: Policy Press
Power, A. & Houghton, J. (2007) (2007) Jigsaw cities: big places, small spaces. Bristol: Policy Press
Power, A. (2007) City survivors : bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Bristol: policy Press


CBE for contribution to regeneration and participation
MBE for work on Priority Estates project
Honorary Fellow, Royal Institute of British Architecture
Lifetime award for services to regeneration - Regeneration and Renewal