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Dr. LL.M., M.E.M. Bea VERSCHRAEGEN Professor; Head, Department of European, International and Comparative Law, University of Vienna


1973-1978 Studies of law, University of Vienna
1978 Dr. iur., University of Vienna
1976-1989 Assistant, Institute of Civil Procedure, Institute of Public Law, Institute of Comparative Law at University of Vienna
1982-1983 LL.M.-studies, King's College London; LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science, London
1988-1989 Legal expert, ISDC - Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne
1989 Habilitation, Comparative Law and Private International Law, University of Vienna
1989-1994 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna
1992 Head of Department Europäische Integration, Austrian Parliamentary Administration / International Affairs, Vienna
1995-1998 Managing Director, IWB - Institute of Business Law, Bielefeld University
since 1998 Chair Professor, Private International Law and Comparative Law, University of Vienna
1999-2001 LL.M.-studies; M.E.M. - Maître Européen en Médiation, Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch, Sion; Les Heures, University of Barcelona
1999-2008 Austrian delegate, CIEC - Commission Internationale de l'Etat Civil, Strasbourg
2000 Legal expert, Registered Partnerships, Legal Affairs Committee, German Bundestag, Berlin
2000-2001 President, CIEC - Commission Internationale de l'Etat Civil, Strasbourg
2000-2001 Legal expert on "Marriage, Cohabitation, (registered) Partnerships and same-sex Marriage in Continental Europe, under the UN-Pacts, EU-law and jurisprudence, and the case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights" Ontario Departement of Justice (CAN)
2004-2014 Professor, Pan European University Bratislava
2009-2012 Vice-Rector, Pan European University Bratislava
since 2008 Head, Austrian National Committee IACL - International Academy of Comparative Law, Paris
since 2010 Titular Member, IACL - International Academy of Comparative Law, Paris
2008-2011 President, ISFL - International Society of Family Law
2009 Legal expert, Centre of Private Law, Moscow
2009-2017 Founder; Head, IACPIL - Interdisciplinary Association of Comparative and Private International Law, Vienna
2012-2018 Adjunct Professor, UMAC - University of Macau
2015 Senior expert, Family and Succession law for the elaboration of a Family Law Code and Succession Law Code, Kosovo


Austrian Mediation Council, 2004-2009-2014-2019
University Council, Sigmund Freud University Vienna, 2007-2012-2017
ALI - American Law Institute, since 2012
Expert, Hague Conference, Group on Recognition and Enforcement of Voluntary Cross-Border Agreements in International Child Disputes, since 2013


Heindler, F./Verschraegen, B., Internationale Bankgeschäfte mit Verbrauchern, IGKK / IACPIL (Vol. V), Sramek Verlag, Vienna, 2017
Fallstricke interkultureller und interreligiöser Mediationen, in: Zeitschrift für Beratungs- und Managementwissenschaften 2017
Art. 11 Rome I Regulation, in: Magnus; Mankowski (eds.): European Commentaries on Private International Law, Rome I Regulation I Commentary, Otto Schmidt Verlag, 2016
Verschraegen, B. (ed.): Private International Law. Loose-leaf Collection of the International Encyclopedia of Laws. Kluwer Law International, since 2001


Sponsorship award, Humanities and Social Sciences, City of Vienna, 1989
Présidente honoraire of CIEC, since 2012
Award of the Russian International Higher Juridical Prize Themis', International Fund for Support of Legal Initiatives for special legal cross-border academic services, 2014