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Christian SCHARINGER Gesundheitssoziologe, selbstständiger Unternehmensberater, Organisationsentwicklung und Gesundheitsförderung, Beratung, Entwicklung, Coaching, Sarleinsbach


1987-1992 Studies of Social and Economic Sciences, University of Vienna; majors in Sociology (Faculty of Integrative Studies) and History; main research in health sociology/health promotion by means of organization development
1993-1994 Scientific staff member at the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Social Sciences (IFS) / Department of Health and Social Policy
1994-1996 Staff member at the Federal Ministry for Health and Consumer Protection,
 Department for Health Promotion
1995-1996 Promotion to "Doctor of Philosophy", Faculty of Integrative Studies, University of Vienna
1996-1999 Regional secretary of the Upper Austrian Aids Society; head of branch office and information center
1997-1999 Systemic training course in human resource and organization development and supervision
1999-2001 Staff member of the Upper Austrian Sickness Fund (OÖGKK), Department for Health Promotion
since 1997 Freelance consulting with a focus on counseling and one-on-one coaching (ÖVS), team building, moderation and large group events
since 2009 Master Studies in Supervision and Coaching, University of Vienna