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Arch. Damir BLAZEVIC Architect, Platforma 9,81 - Institute for Research in Architecture, Zagreb


1996-2003 Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb
1997 student workshop in Zagreb with Cedric Price
1998-2000 participating in various students workshops in Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium
1997-2003 as junior designer in team, employee of five prominent architectural offices seated in Zagreb, Croatia
1999-2003 1st, 3rd prizes, as well as honorable mentions on Croatian architectural competitions as a member of various teams
2002-2003 as junior designer in team, working on "Eurotower"-project in Zagreb
1999-2000 participates in different exhibitions in Croatia, including:
  - 25th Salon of young artists in Zagreb
  - 35th Zagreb Salon (architecture) in Zagreb
2000-2002 with Platforma9,81, organizes "Architecture live" program, serial of architectural lectures, discussions, workshops
2003 with Platforma9,81, participates in "Invisible Zagreb", multimedia and urban research project
2004-2006 with Platforma9,81, participates in "Zagreb-cultural capital of Europe 3000", cultural multidisciplinary platform
2003-2006 with Platforma9,81- architectural design and programming of temporary use of space for cultural events of various scale
2004-2005 with Platforma9,81- head of the project "3djournal"- urban research and media examining Croatian context
2005 - with Platforma9,81- editor-in-chief of "Superprivate"- book/magazine on contemporary Croatian urban phenomena
2002-2006 with Platforma9,81, participates in different international art and architectural exhibitions, including:
  - Here Tomorrow, Zagreb, Croatia
  - Nature and Society, Peja, Kosovo
  - Normalization, Zagreb, Croatia
  - Onufry Annual Exhibition, Tirana, Albania
  - Leaps of Faith, Nicosia, Cyprus
  - Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  - Collective creativity, Kassel, Germany
  - Tirana Bienale 3 , Tirana, Albania
  - Croatian Archipelago New Lighthouses, Zagreb, Croatia
2004-2006 with Platforma9,81, participates in various international workshops, congresses, symposia
2005 with Platforma9,81-  Operation:city - architectural design and programming of temporary use of space for major Croatian cultural event
2005-2006 with Platforma9,81,  Labin is Mine - project for re-use of former coalmines in Istria, Croatia
2006 - with Platforma9,81,  Hitro.zd - urban study for Croatian city of Zadar