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MMag. Dr. Doris WYDRA Assistant Professor and Coordinator, Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies, University of Salzburg


1998-1999 Legal Long Term Advisor, TACIS Project - Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States, UEPLAC - Ukrainian-European Policy and Legal Advice Centre, Kiev
1999-2001 Research Assistant, University of Vienna
2001-2002 Research Assistant, Research Project: Ukraine in Europe,University of Vienna
2002-2004 Key Legal Expert, TACIS Project - Promotion of Tolerance and Improving Interethnic Relations, Moscow
since 2008 PostDoc, Department for Political Science and Sociology, Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies, University of Salzburg
since 2012 Senior Scientist, Department for Political Science and Sociology and Executive Director, Salzburg Centre of European Studies, University of Salzburg


Österreichische Gesellschaft für Politikwissenschaft


The Crimean Conundrum: The Tug of War Between Russia and Ukraine on the Questions of Autonomy and Self-Determination, in: International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, Vol. 10, Issue 2, 111-130, 2003
Die Autonomie der Halbinsel Krim: eine völker- und verfassungsrechtliche Analyse, Wien, Braumüller Verlag, 2008
Advancing Democracy by Law: a Foucauldian View on the Democratizing Power in International Relations, in: Montani G. (ed.): Il Politico, Special Edition: The European Union, nationalism and Cosmopolitanism, 231 (3), 206-230, 2012
Inventing the Ukrainian Nation - Identity Building Between Dichotomies, in: Iglesias J. et. al. (eds.), New Nation-States and National Minorities, Essex, ECPR Studie, 39-58, 2013