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Ph.D. Douglas PORPORA Professor of Sociology, Department of Culture and Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel University, Philadelphia


1983-1987 Assistant Professor, Drexel University
1987-1997 Associate Professor, Drexel University
since 1998 Full Professor, Drexel University
1998-1999 Academic Co-Director of Service Learning, Drexel University
1999-2009 Head, Department of Culture and Communication, College of Arts and Sciences, Drexel University


Eastern Communication Association
Eastern Sociological Society
International Communication Association
American representative on steering committee, International Association of Critical Realism


Talking War: How Elite U.S. Newspaper Editorials and Opinion Pieces Debated the Attack on Iraq. With Alexander Nikolaev. 2007 Sociological Focus 40 (1): 6-25
Torture, Abuse, Frames, and the Washington Post" with Alexander Nikolaev, forthcoming in Journal of Communication
Inside the American State: Reconciling Political Economy and Discourse Analysis within a Critical Realist Framework, forthcoming in Jonathan Joseph and Colin Wight (eds.), Scientific Realism and International Relations
Mandelbaum on Societal Facts and Societal Laws, forthcoming in Ian Verstegan (ed.), Maurice Mandelbaum and Twentieth Cenutry Critical Realism, London, Routledge, 2010


"The Online Debate about Iraq: How ideal is the speech in the ideal speech situation" with Alexander Jenkins and Alexander Nikolaev. Awarded best paper in political communication at 2010 meetings of the Eastern Communication Association, Baltimore, Maryland
Honorable mention for outstanding scholarly and professioneal titles of 2001, American Association of Publishers, for Landscapes of the Soul
2001 list of notable books, Christian Science Monitor, for Landscpaes of the Soul
Annual Diana L. Hackney Award, Student Government for guidance of and dedication to student body, 1995