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Dragos NEACSU Ministry of Public Finance of Romania, Bucharest


 Dragos Neacsu is a 1995 class graduate of the Canadian MBA Programme and has been actively involved into Romanian capital market for over ten years.
1996-1998 he held the position of General Manager /Executive Director for Romanian National Securities Clearing, Settlement & Depository Company (SNCDD) and took actively part at the establishment and development of the RASDAQ electronic market.
1998 In this capacity, he initiated the process that led to the creation of the Central and Eastern Europe Central Securities Depositories Association.
  he joined Raiffeisen Capital and Investment Romania ("RCI") as Director of Capital Markets Department and Board of Directors Member
since 1998 he actively participated to the lobby efforts for the pension sector reform in Romania. He founded the Romanian Association for Privately Managed Pensions in spring 2004, when he was elected as Vicepresident of this professional body that is made of insurance companies and asset managers promoting the introduction of the second and third pillar reforms in the pension sector.
1999 he took over the Chairman & CEO position with RCI.
1999-2001 Besides his professional duties, Mr. Neacsu was involved in the development process of Romania s emerging capital market as a member of the Listing and New Products Committee of Romanian Securities Dealers Association (ANSVM) , and starting with 2001 as member of Bucharest Stock Exchange ("BSE") Board of Governors and President of BSE s Listing Committee.
2005 he was appointed Secretary of State within the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania, coordinating the public debt and the State Treasury.


Mr. Neacsu is a regular contributor with essays, articles and interviews in the major financial and non-financial publications in and on Romania.