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Prof. Dr. Edgar KÖRNER Chairman, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Offenbach am Main


 Studied Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Cybernetics at Ilmenau Institute of Technology, Germany
1976-1984 Assistant Professor and Senior Staff Researcher, Ilmenau Institute of Technology
1977 Dr.-Ing. in the field of Biomedical Cybernetics, Ilmenau Institute of Technology
1984 Habilitation in Biocybernetics, Ilmenau Institute of Technology
1984-1987 Research Fellow, Bioholonics Project of JRDC, Tokyo
1987-1988 Associate Professor, Ilmenau Institute of Technology
1988-1992 Full Professor in Biocybernetics and Head of Department of Neurocomputing and Cognitive Systems, Ilmenau Institute of Technology
1992-1997 Chief Scientist at Honda's R&D Wako Research Center, Japan
1997-2003 Executive Vice President and Head of the Future Technology Research Division, Honda R&D Europe
2003-2010 President of the newly established Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH
since 2007 Co-director, Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics, University Bielefeld
since 2010 Chairman, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH
 His research interest covers brain-like intelligence, with a special focus on self-referential control architectures, self-organization of knowledge representation, and autonomous robots.