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Ph.D. Eleni PRATSINI Lab Director, Smarter Cities Technology Center, IBM Research - Ireland, Dublin


1992-1999 Professor, Decision Sciences Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
1999-2003 Research Scientist, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ)
2003-2008 Manager, Research Staff Member, IBM Research
2008-2012 Head, Department of Math. & Comp. Sciences IBM Research, Zurich
2012-2013 Director, Optimization Research, IBM Research - Watson, Yorktown Height, New York
since 2013 Director, IBM Research - Ireland, Smarter Cities Technology Center




Over 50 publications in the area of Analytics Applications. Two most recent:
Kawas B., Pratsini E., Laumanns M. A.: Robust Optimization Approach to Enhancing Reliability in Production Planning Under Non-compliance Risks, OR Spectrum, 2013
Tiemessen H., Fleischmann M., van Houtum G-J, van Nunen J., Pratsini E.: Dynamic demand fulfillment in spare parts networks with multiple customer classes, European Journal of Operational Research 228(2), 2013, 367-380


IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards, 2004, 2008, 2009
Best Paper in Environment Sponsored Sessions Award, Informs, 1997
Research and Teaching Awards, 1992-1998