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Elsa FORNERO Former Minister of Labor, Social Policies, and Gender Equality of the Italian Republic; Professor of Economics, University of Turin


2003-2004 Independent Expert for the World Bank, in charge of evaluating the bank s
 support to the pension reform in the following countries: Russia, Latvia, Macedonia, Albania
2005-2007 Member of the Steering Board, SIE - Italian Association of Economists, Ancona
2005-2011 Member of the Evaluation Unit of the Welfare Expenditure, Welfare Ministry, Rome
2008-2010 Vice-President of the Supervisory Board, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, Milan
2010-2011 Vice-President, Compagnia di San Paolo, Turin
2011-2013 Minister of Labour, Social Policies and Equal Opportunities, Rome


Scientific Co-ordinator of CeRP-Collegio Carlo Alberto
Research Fellow of Netspar
Honorary Senior Fellow of Collegio Carlo Alberto
Member of the Scientific Council of OEE


Fornero, E., Lusardi, A., Monticone, C.: Adequacy of Saving for Old Age in Europe, in Van Soest, A., Bovenberg, L. Zaidi, A. (eds): Ageing, Health and Pensions in Europe: An Economic Perspective, Macmillian Palgrave, 2010
Fornero, E., Castellino, O. (eds.): Pension Policy in an Integrating Europe, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2003
Fornero, E., Sestito, P. (ed): Pension Systems: Beyond Mandatory Retirement, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2005
Fornero, E.: L economia dei fondi pensione. Potenzialità e limiti della previdenza privata in Italia, Il Mulino; Studi e Ricerche; Bologna, 1999


Tarantelli Prize for Aspl, (social insurance for employment) selected as best economic idea of the year by 'Club dell Economia', 2013
La Mela d Oro Prize about 'Women: innovation and human capital', Marisa Bellisario Foundation, 2011
INA - International Prize for the Economics, Finance and Statistics of Private Insurance, 'Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei' (with Olivia Mitchell), 2003
Saint Vincent Price for Economics (with Ignazio Musu), 2001