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Elvira HADZIBEGOVIC-BUBANJA Director, MNE - Forum Youth and Nonformal Education, Podgorica


2003-2008 Executive director at Youth of Montenegro; NGO;Podgorica, Montenegro
2008-2010 Program director at Montenegro Training Forum DOO; Podgorica;Montenegro
Independent trainer, Bureau for education, Ministry of Education and Sport, Montenegro
since 2010 Executive director, Forum MNE (Forum mladi i neformalna edukacija) National NGO; Podgorica;Montenegro
2010 Local correspondent, ETF project on Key Competencies in Teacher Education in Montenegro
2010-2012 Local support, ETF Project on Teacher Training in Key Competencies in Montenegro
2011-2011 National expert and Evaluator, Lux Development, Montenegro
2012 Evaluator, Montenegro, KulturKontakt, Austria
2013 Co-host TV show- 100% open talk show on local, regional and global current society subjects
2014 Prison MNE- Trainer for group of prisoners on communicational skills & business ethics


Working Group for drafting the Law on Youth in Montenegro, 2012-2013
Working group for creation of the program & standard for new profession "Youth Activists" managed by Vocational Educational Centre and Forum MNE
Regional professional association of community youth workers & trainers
Working group for creation of minimum standards for daily centres for children with disabilities


Knudsen H. J., Hadzibegovic Bubanja E., Nielsen S. P., Petkova E.: School-based In-service Teacher training: Handbook for Policymakers and Practitioners, ETF, 2013, Torino
Combating hate speech online, Forum MNE, 2013
Recommendation and conclusions, "Youth and key competencies for lifelong learning", Forum MNE, 2010