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Emilio GALLI-ZUGARO Chairman, Methodos S.p.A., Munich; Founder, Orvieto Academy for Communicative Leadership, Orvieto


 Studied Political Sciences in W├╝rzburg and Rome
1980-1985 Communcation functions in public service, Rome
1985-1992 Journalist for FORTUNE, Wirtschaftswoche, L'Independente, Italia Oggi, Il Giornale, Finanz und Wirtschaft, The European
since 1996 Author and Scholar, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich
since 2000 European School of Management and Technology, Berlin
1992-2015 Head of Group Communications, Allianz SE, Munich
  Executive coach and mentor, Entrepreneurship Center, Munich
since 2015 Chairman of Methodos, S.p.A., Milan