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Enno PARK Enno Park, Chairperson, Cyborgs e.V., Berlin


1993-1999 Media designer
2000-2012 Software developer
2003-2009 Studies on business information systems, University of Appl. Sc., Lüneburg
2011 Gained back hearing with cochlea implants after more than 20 years of being nearly deaf
since 2011 Free journalist/author specialised in technology and digitalisation (tv, radio, print, online)
since 2013 Founder and chairperson of Cyborgs e.V., (h)activism & lobbyism
since 2016 Studies on philosophy of technology, Technical University of Berlin
since 2018 Member of the research project "futurebody", Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Cyborgs e.V.
Advisory boards: VALID research project on ethical aspects of digitalisation in the health sector, University of Appl. Sc., Furtwangen
XPOMET convention for innovation in medicine, Leipzig


Ethical Issues in Cyborg Technology: Diversity and Inclusion. In Nano Ethics, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 303-306, Springer Berlin, Dezember 2014, doi:10.1007/s11569-014-0206-x
Identity. An obituary by a cyborg. In Sabria David, Ulla Wester (Hrsg.): Streaming Egos – Digitial Identities. Goethe-Institut, Paris 2016, S. 123, ISBN: 978-3-945048-20-7