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Ph.D. Enrico GIOVANNINI Former Italian Minister of Labour and Social Policies; Professor of Economic Statistics, University of Tor Vergata, Rome


1983-2000 Research Director, Head of Department, Istat - Central Director at the Italian Statistical Institute
2001-2009 Director of Statistics and Chief Statistician of OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
since 2002 Full Professor of Economic Statistics at the Rome University, Tor Vergata
2009-2013 President of Istat - Italian Statistical Institute
2013-2014 Minister of Labour and Social Policies in the Italian Government


Club of Rome
International Statistical Institute
International Association for Quality of Life Studies
Italian Statistical Society


Numerous publications and articles in the field of statistics and economics, as well as four books:
Choosing the Future: Knowledge and Policy in the Time of Big Data (in Italian), published in 2014 by Il Mulino
Understanding economic statistics, published in 2008 by the OECD (in English, Japanese and Czech)
Economic Statistics (in Italian) published in 2006 by Il Mulino
Public Deficit, Monetary Policy and Financial Markets, published in 1992 by Franco Angeli